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Mikel Frank, Paintings & Collage: Art Reception

Please join us in welcoming the new artist that will be adorning our walls for the next couple months.  We are so excited to have and share with you, the works of Mikel Frank.  Come meet the artist and expand your mind a bit this Friday eve! 
*Free snacks & hors d'oeuvres will be provided.

Artist’s Statement
There are many levels of meaning to an artists work and there are many reasons why an artist makes art. There are also artists, works of art and creative endeavors that have no intrinsic meaning. But, that doesn’t make them any less valuable or meaningful. The act of painting and creating is something that is in my nature. I am happiest when I’m doing it. When I am in the “zone” there is nothing quite like it. It may be the only time when I am truly in the moment. My work is a lot about the process. I never do sketches before I start. It is totally spontaneous and emotional. I make a mark or glue down an image and then respond to it and make another move that supports the creation of the entire work. It’s sort of like call and response or improvisation. Some of my paintings are done with a medium known as encaustic. It is a process where molten bees wax is mixed with pigment and placed on a surface and then manipulated with a heat gun, brushes and tools. I embed images into the wax to create a kind of narrative using collage techniques. Sometimes I go purely abstract using elements to create a “picture” based on my own personal sense of where things should be compositionally and aesthetically. Other times I create a narrative arranging appropriated found images from different sources. One idea is to take an old master painting and put it in a contemporary context using juxtapositions of recognizable imagery, sometimes with art historical references and sometimes with symbolic references. 
Painting for me is an expression of what is going on in my life at the time. It is not a translation it is interpretation. It is the communication of visual ideas on different levels, which have meaning to me put together in a way that I hope will communicate my vision to the viewer.

Mikel Frank


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